We understand the longing…

You wake up each morning dreaming of the tastiest cup of mountain coffee

Dream no more…

Here is one of the finest Arabica coffee famous for its rich and pleasant aroma.  Our farmers grow it in a rare blend of cool climate and fertile volcanic soils of Mount Kenya highlands. These conditions allow for longer maturation process of the beans which yields deeper and more compelling flavors. Therefore, our coffee is high quality and characterized by a bright, sparkling sensation with tropical fruity and floral notes.

We select and handpick the ripe coffee beans, process them naturally and roast by hand in small batches. We wrap each pack in your favorite colors and directly deliver to your home.

Our people, fields and birds will appreciate your choice

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Our vision is to  produce high quality coffee while building resilient rural communities and ecosystems against the harsh elements of climate change

Our mission is to grow coffee that has a uniquely incredible taste and aroma which starts with taking care of our farmers’ well-being. The happiness and love that they put into producing the coffee and treating the earth where it grows with all the respect of environment is what sets Iburu coffee apart.


Iburu integrates:


Direct Trade & Ecotourism


Birds & Biodiversity


Social Engagement

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