Mt. Kenya

Just a couple of miles from the coffee farm towers Mount Kenya. It is Africa’s second tallest peak at 5199 meters above sea level and arguably the most beautiful in the continent. This stunning volcanic mountain rises from the Kenyan savanna and strides the equator, its flanks brutally carved by aeons of ancient glacial action.

The views atop it are spectacular. Sweeping U-shaped valleys radiate from the twin peaks of Batian (5199m) and Nelion (5188m) alongside craggy volcanic boulders, trickling creeks and crystal clear lakes.

The looming summit glaciers glisten in the high altitude sun and offer a beautiful backdrop in any direction.

Mount Kenya also hosts a massive variety of habitats that range from rolling heather-coated slopes, indigenous alpine flora, moss forest to dense bamboo and tropical rain forest that teem with flora.

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