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Alternative Christmas market with, SPIRE, 2019

The cheesy vibes of consumerism during Christmas are not only hurting our planet but also take away the calm and unity that should be what Christmas is really about. But each year SPIRE together with others like Future in Our Hands present an opportunity to discover and support local creators, producers and sustainable products through an alternative market. Iburu is delighted to share in this partnership each Christmas in Oslo with our environment-friendly coffee. The market was hosted at this VEGA SCENE year. Hey! Check out and join SPIRE. They are so cool!

UNLEASH 2019, Shenzen, CHINA

Early in November, we were honored to participate in the Global Innovation Lab for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) held in Shenzen, China. We had a fantastic couple of days working with brilliant minds from across the globe towards solutions that would address some of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century. Having been selected from a pool of about 18000 international top talents we were delighted to join a network of fellow change-makers, facilitators, mentors and business leaders dedicated to global sustainability. Specifically, or project was in the “SDG 13: Climate Action” track. You can read more about UNLEASH   and we encourage you to also apply!

A HERO has rested

Sadly, we lost my dad on the 2nd of August, 2019 with whom I co-founded the Iburu project after a short illness. My late dad, Mr. Carlfred Mugendi, was one of the many small scale coffee farmers in my community. I grew up on the farm watching him tend to his coffee bushes on the highlands of Mount Kenya until prices crashed in the late 80’s. It wasn’t until the end of 2016 when I saw him finally despair and was on the verge of uprooting his coffee like most of our neighbors. Luckily, I was just in time to change his mind. Together, we re-imagined coffee not as just another failing crop but as a voice for the small scale farmer, the birds and the environment where deforestation was now becoming rampant. He inspired Iburu coffee and have since endeavored to help more coffee farmers in my community. You can read Our Story here.

Pia Martin finishes her Internship

Pia Laura just finished her internship on our coffee project in August, 2019. She is a Master student in Psychology at the University of Freiburg, in Germany. It has been an incredible six months on the farm with her! During her stay, she has developed the project further, especially, the phsycho-social support services which many farmers require yet have little or no access to. She also organized our monthly skating events and coffee painting activities for recreation and capacity building of our farmers’ children. This is besides documenting our work in short videos that we will show you if you hold on a minute 😊 We shall be telling you more about her experience and hopefully you can consider an internship or volunteer work with us in the near future. We wish you the very best in your studies Pia Laura as you endeavor to make the world a better place. You can follow her @flamingo_go_fly to see what she is up to.

IBURU Coffee now in BUA, Ås

We were delighted to have Iburu coffee at BUA in Ås. BUA is a food-cooperative located at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences , Ås campus in Norway. The students run store promotes sustainable consumption by selling products and organizing activities that advance the importance of biodiversity and ethical production.  Visit the store for some of our coffee and other products.

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